Hi! My name is Eden Yeh, and I'm a high school student from Irvine, California. Growing up surrounded by my family's Yamaha piano, the coastal beaches of Southern California, and a supportive community of musical and athletic mentors have shaped my extracurricular passions while inspiring me to find ways to carve a unique niche within my community.

When I'm off the piano bench or away from the pool deck, I'm either watching Cheers, listening to ABBA, or concocting seasonal treats from the Trader Joe's baking aisle. I also dabble in website design and enjoy the process of creating magically unique digital platforms (like this one!). My passion for business-related endeavors has drawn me to the subjects of Economics and English, areas I plan to pursue in college and hope to utilize in the skills needed for a future in law. 


Well, that's a little bit about me! Thanks for stopping by my online portfolio, a place where I share my passions for music and swim through a personal lens.